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From Fear to Freedom with author Christen Bensten

July 06, 2021 Erin Joy
A Collective Voice
From Fear to Freedom with author Christen Bensten
Show Notes

Many of us walk through our lives with stories of past pain and trauma.  Stories that have never been told and that we carry with us, sometimes until our last breath.  Choosing to take that first step to healing is no easy task and choosing to stay on the path of healing is even harder still.  In this week’s episode I talk with author Christen Bensten.  Christen is the founder of her women-owned business, Blue Egg Brown Nest, she is a mom of three, a writer, a painter, an avid reader and Jesus-lover, and a foster mom to homeless kitties.  But Christen is also shining the way for others and becoming a role model of how beautiful life can be when we choose to turn towards our pain and grief and choose freedom.  In this episode, I talk with Christen about her recently published memoir, Starving, and her story of growing up in a constant state of fear, how she managed her anxiety and depression on her own and what it took for her to find love and healing.  In her memoir, Christen takes the reader through her childhood trauma and her harrowing journey from ‘fear to freedom.’ In this episode, you will hear Christen talk about some of the details from her book, including her difficult relationship with her mother, growing up in a cult-like evangelical church that practiced exorcisms and speaking in tongues and attending a private school where punishments involved duct-taping kids’ mouths closed and tying children to chairs with rope.  Christen’s memoir is shocking, inspiring, sad, and hopeful.  Reading Christen’s book was powerful but hearing the power in her voice as she tells parts of her story left me in awe.  Christen’s memoir is a learning and remembrance that we sometimes must put ourselves first and leave behind all that we once knew and believed in order to save ourselves.  It is rare to be invited into the rawness of one’s story and Christen has swung the door wide open - her words and her voice are truly inspiring others to break free from their past and move towards mental and physical well-being.

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Christen’s Author/Personal Website: christenbensten.com 

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 Christen’s Business Blog, Blue Egg Brown Nest: blueeggbrownnest.com


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